Intensive English Program Full-Time Application Information

This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students.

Who should apply?International students who want to enter the U.S. and study full-time or transfer from another U.S. school should complete the I-20 section of the application form.

Students in the Full-Time Intensive English Program have two choices.

  • COLLEGE TRACK lets you complete each English proficiency level in 4 weeks. You will study 6 hours per day Monday through Thursday and 3 hours on Friday (27 hours per week) and reach English fluency and admission to one of our affiliate colleges and universities in the shortest possible time.
  • GENERAL TRACK allows you to complete your English studies at a less intensive pace. You will study full-time but only 5 hours per day Monday through Thursday (20 hours per week).

When do I apply?

Students outside the U.S. should send the completed application and support documentation at least 6-8 weeks in advance of the session they wish to start.

Students transferring from a U.S. school should contact GGLS.

What is the minimum enrollment requirement? Minimum enrollment is for 1 full-time session in COLLEGE TRACK or GENERAL TRACK..

What payments are due? The first payment of $500 is due at the time of application. It consists of

  • $100 Registration Fee (non-refundable)
  • $400 Tuition Deposit (refundable)

The balance is due on or before the first day of class.

What about book costs? Books are an additional charge and vary by class. They are estimated at $75 per class. ($200-$300 per session)

What is the SEVIS Fee? The SEVIS fee of $350 is a Student and Exchange Visitor processing fee paid to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security by all international students.

Do I need health insurance? Coverage is required for all international students. Proof of insurance must be presented on or before the first day of class. You can purchase individual international student health insurance from any insurance provider. 

What financial document do I need with the Application Form? You will need a certified bank letter. The U.S. Immigration Service requires that you or your sponsor have enough money to cover school and living expenses. The minimum dollar amount needed for the bank letter is determined by the “# of Months” you wish to study.

To calculate expenses for the length of your study, determine the tuition cost according to the Price List and add at least $1600 per month for estimated living expenses. Add $400 per dependent per month to your bank letter. 

Calculation Sample of Expenses
Month Tuition Living Expense Total

College Track

3 $4,840 $5,015 $9,855
6 $9,580 $9,830 $19,410
9 $14,320 $14,645 $28,965
12 $19,060 $19,460 $38,520

General Track

3 $3,700 $5,015 $8,715
6 $7,300 $9,830 $17,130
9 $10,900 $14,645 $25,545
12 $14,500 $19,460 $33,960
Calculation Sample of Expenses
Month Tuition Living Expense Total

College Track

3 $5,350 $5,300 $10,650
6 $10,600 $10,400 $21,000
9 $15,850 $15,500 $31,350
12 $21,100 $20,600 $41,700

General Track

3 $4,000 $5,300 $9,300
6 $7,900 $10,400 $18,300
9 $11,800 $15,500 $27,300
12 $15,700 $20,600 $36,300
Your actual living expenses may be higher.


I still remember my first day here. I almost couldn’t use a whole sentence to talk. I really enjoyed studying English. My teachers helped me a lot. I am going to De Anza College and will miss everything here.

- Candy Z.(China)