Who should apply?Tourists and other interested English learners who wish to study no more than 17.5 hours per week should apply for part-time study. The information below provides helpful information.

When do I apply?

Two to three days before you wish to begin, make an appointment for the Placement Test and Evaluation. You can apply at that time.

How long is my course?
  • You choose the length, one week or more.
  • You choose the number of hours per day, 1 to 4 hours per day.
  • You can even add Intensive English Tutoring.

What are the fees? The payments due are the Registration Fee (non-refundable) and the tuition for the Intensive English Program-Part-Time. 

What about books costs? Books are an additional charge and vary by class. They are estimated at $75-$100 per class.

Contact Us if you have any questions.


GGLS was an important and positive life changing experience for me. I’ll always be grateful.

- Yazmin S.(Colombia)