Social Activities


Learning English is more than just going to class. Join a club. You'll meet other students from one of the more than 20 countries represented at the school. You'll not only have fun but you can also practice your English.

Club Calendar

Every four weeks, you can choose from a new set of sports and social activities. The cost is free or minimal. Each club meets during lunch or after school. You can see the Club Calendar for the current session.

Clubs for October 22 - November 18, 2019

School Trips and Celebration

There's always something to do at GGLS. On the lunchroom announcement wall, we'll post the school trips, holiday celebrations and other fun events.

Graduation - At the end of every session, GGLS students and faculty get together for a graduation ceremony.

You'll enjoy seeing some of our Past Events in the Photo Album pages.

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Photo Album

GGLS loves pictures! Here are just a few of the many photos we take of school trips, celebrations and graduations. We add new pictures regularly.

Here are some memorable photos of our enjoyable events and trips over the past year.